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Board of Directors:


The affairs of the corporation are managed by a Board of Directors. Dr. Hooshang Heshmat, co-founder of MiTi and one of the principals involved in the development of the MiTi® blood pump currently serves as Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer. With nearly 30 years experience in engineering and bearing design including 10 successful years as the President and Technical Director of MiTi, he brings a unique mix of management and technical expertise to the management team of MiTiHeart Corporation.


Hooshang Heshmat, PhD, Chairman, President and CEO, Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc.  


Said Jahanmir, PhD, President and CEO, MiTiHeart Corporation  


Melissa D. Heshmat, CFO, Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc.  


James F. Walton II, Vice President , Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc.


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